Mid Year Seminar Recap 2016

On Saturday, June 25, we had our mid year seminar and grading. This was  a particular special grading as Ben Sensei was sitting his Sandan grading.

The morning started with the kids seminar. Irene Sensei from Aikido Shinryukan Christchurch (ASC), and Shane Sensei, also from ASC,  taught the kids for an hour. It was great to see the kids working hard and enjoying the class.

Once the seminar finished, Andrew Sensei, from ASC, conducted the grading. All our juniors did really well.

Irene Sensei took the first class of the senior’s seminar, teaching us with her usual style and humour. After a break for lunch, Andrew Sensei gave us two hours of lessons, focusing on the importance of posture and how drawing the trailing shoulder better aligns our techniques and allows for faster movement.

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Following the seminar we held our adults grading, the largest we have had so far – with 5 kyu grades spread across at Rokkyu, Sankyu and Nikyu levels, and finishing with Ben Sensei’s Sandan grading. All the applicants performed well, and all had a great time.

The day was capped off by dinner at Ben Sensei’s place.

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