Grading Results June 2016

On Saturday, June 25, we had our mid year grading.  Andrew Williamson came up from Aikido Shinryukan Canterbury to conduct the grading, for the juniors and the seniors.

I was very impressed with all who graded.

The following seniors were successful:

  • Sandan
    • Ben Schmidt
  • Nikyu
    • Marita Schmidt
  • Sankyu
    • Ian Barclay
    • Andrew Cramer
  • Rokkyu
    • Subaru Iwasawa

The following juniors were successful:

  • 9th kyu
    • Hannah Schmidt
    • Leo Schmidt
  • 10th Kyu
    • Shackleton Scollay
  • Semi-10th Kyu
    • William Barclay

Congratulations to all who sat and passed their gradings.

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