Aikido Shinryukan Canterbury 25th Anniversary Seminar

This past weekend, Aikido Shinryukan Canterbury held their 25th Anniversary Seminar in Christchurch.   It was an awesome experience with a range of magnificent instructors.

The weekend started with a class by Irene Williamson Sensai from ASC.  Irene Sensei emphasised the importance of posture, keeping your shoulders back and knees bent to allow you power to come from your centre.

Irene Sensei was followed by Chris Seto-Payne Sensei from Brisbane Aikikai. Chris Sensei showed how moving behind the point of contact made our techniques easier.

Koh Nai Sing Sensei from Club Aikido, Singapore, was next. Koh Sensei talked about flowing like water when you are attacked, and had has focus on blending with our uke’s energy.

After lunch, Rosso Fernandez Sensei, from Auckland Aikikai, showed us the importance of Maai, and how leading your uke and changing  the distance between yourself and your uke adds power to your techniques.

Nobuo Takase Shihan, from Aikido Shinryukan, took the last class on Saturday. Takase Shihan expanded on the concept of Maai and the importance of staying conected with your uke.

Saturday evening saw a gathering of attendees at Luciano Espresso Bar discussing the classes and celebrating 25 years of Aikido Shinryukan Cantebury.

Sunday started with a class by Brent Beaumont Sensei, from Waitakere Aikido. Brent Sensei showed us Aikido without strength, using body posture and movement to create the lines the take your uke’s balance.

Andrew Williamson Sensei, from ASC, was up next.  Andrew sensei expanded on the importance of posture, and staying engaged and connected with your uke for the entire technique.

After lunch, Takase Shihan took the final two classes, connecting, combing and expanding on concepts from the other class, and highlighting the importance of your uke for training in Aikido.

The weekend was a fantastic experience.  There were so many ideas presented and approaches to Aikido that it will take me a long time to absorb and understand and implement within my own training.  Every instructor present could have carried the whole seminar by themselves, and to have such a wealth of knowledge presented to us is amazing.

Congratulations also to Andrew and Irene Williamson on the 25th Anniversary of Aikido Shinryukan Canterbury. The work they have done to build their club to where it is now is amazing, and I treasure the opportunity that I have had to learn Aikido from them, and I hope they keep going strong for another 25 years.


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